4 themes


Research expertise at ICTS falls broadly into the following areas

  • AI – agent-based intelligent systems, machine-learning algorithms and performance
  • Brain Science – spontaneous activities, cognitive processes, disease
  • Complex Systems – microbial communities, human behaviour, epidemiological modelling, adaptation
  • Computational Mathematics – PDE’s and image recognition
  • Nonlinear Dynamics – instability and pattern formation, molecular circuits
  • Statistical Physics – phase transitions, active matter, cross-scale modelling and computation
  • Statistics – basic theory and applications, big data

For more information, please visit the webpages of individual research centres and groups.

Planned events and activities at ICTS in 2021

  • Establishing research grouping in four theme areas under the umbrella of AI, big data and quantitative modelling, each led by a senior member of ICTS, respectively
  • Organising workshops, seminars and public lectures in the afore-mentioned areas and promoting team formation and in-depth research collaboration

Specific goals and objectives of the four research themes are listed below.

Please visit the News & Events page for announcements of past and forthcoming activities.