AI techniques with applications related to health and medicine

Yiu-Ming CHEUNG (Professor, Computer Science)

Current ICTS team members: Yiu-Ming CHEUNG (Leader), Chang-Song ZHOU

Towards securing the external big grants, e.g. CRF, a cross-disciplinary team with the members from Non-Science Faculty in HKBU and the local sister institutions will be set up. Subsequently, with some financial support from ICTS, we will conduct preliminary research, focusing on the development of AI techniques with their applications related to health and medicine. Through this close work, we can integrate and synergize the existing professional expertise of each team member. Furthermore, we will also invite well-known experts to pay a short visit to HKBU and deliver a seminar/talk to share their experience and research results with us. It will surely be helpful to build the long-term collaboration between us and the research groups in Mainland China and overseas. It turns out that we can further explore to apply for some non-local external grants together in the future.

Currently, we have just submitted a preliminary CRF proposal entitled: “ Multi-perspective Data Analysis: Towards the Intelligent Service Planning for the Vulnerable Ageing Population in the COVID-19 Pandemic ”. In this proposal, three HKBU colleagues from different faculties, i.e. Prof. Yiu-ming Cheung (PC) from Department of Computer Science, Dr. Xiqing Su (Co-PI) from Department of Social Work, and Dr. Lidan Linda Zhong (Co-PI) from School of Chinese Medicine, are involved together with Dr. Yan Liu (Co-PI) from Department of Computing in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


The team attended top AI and Multimedia conferences