about us

Mission and History

The Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies (ICTS) was proposed and established in 2011 by then Dean of the Faculty of Science Chair Professor Tao Tang, with the Emeritus Chair Professor Michel A. Van Hove appointed as the Founding Director. The mission of the ICTS is to promote inter-disciplinary studies particularly in computational and theoretical fields within the Faculty, and to provide a platform to facilitate local and overseas collaborations to conduct research of highest standard and impact.

Michel Van Hove
Emeritus Chair Professor Michel A. Van Hove
Chair Professor Tao Tang

Its specific objectives are:

  • to enlarge our research platform to accommodate group research and to enhance synergy
  • to host international/regional scholars to conduct collaborative research
  • to promote academic exchange activities building on existing research strengths
  • to enhance interest from potential donors with a research institute of larger scale

Main Functions
  • Provide physical space (offices, cubicles, meeting rooms, server room, and various facilities for about 40 students, academic staff and visitors), as well as offering some funding and secretarial assistance to members of ICTS for specific activities such as workshops and overseas visitors.
  • Foster an interdisciplinary environment conducive to interact with and to strengthen HKBU’s prioritized research areas, in particular its University-wide and Faculty-wide research clusters, including a special focus on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Hold internal meetings and seminars, to exchange ideas and accomplishments and to establish new interactions.
  • Organize and/or co-sponsor local or international workshops and conferences to promote more distant interactions.
  • Host short- and longer-term visiting scientists, especially from overseas, to start and expand collaborations, publish jointly, as well as hold joint workshops and conferences.
  • Promote research collaboration on theory and computation in interdisciplinary science in the Greater Bay area through the Guangdong-HK-Macao Universities Alliance platform.
  • Offer seed funding to start interdisciplinary projects that can compete for external funding.