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Message from the Director


A warm welcome to the Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies (ICTS) website! Under the auspices of the Faculty of Science, the Institute was established in July 2012 to serve as an overarching structure for 10 constituent Centres and to particularly promote interdisciplinary and collaborative activities, both between Centres and with other institutions. In the past nine years, ICTS has hosted numerous meetings and seminars, local and international workshops and conferences, joint appointments of Research Assistant Professors (until August, 2015), and longer-term visiting scientists. These events provided multiple opportunities for collaborations within ICTS and with external partners, while also prominently presenting HKBU’s research worldwide.

Under the leadership of its founding director Prof. Michel Van Hove, the Institute responded to the recent science-based initiatives of the Hong Kong Government, including the emphasis on STEM, the creation of the Innovation and Technology Bureau and of the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences. It also strengthened HKBU’s position in the last RAE/REF exercise, while additionally enhancing and supporting HKBU’s interdisciplinary research areas, in particular its University-wide and Faculty-wide research clusters.

With the advent of Big Data and AI technologies, many new and exciting opportunities flourished in the past few years. Researchers at ICTS are actively engaged in cutting-edge research in this and related areas. In the past year, members of the ICTS teamed up to develop predictive models of COVID-19 based on clinical and transmission data that attracted global attention. Machine-learning assisted data analysis and modeling of spontaneous neural dynamics have led to new insights on cognition and information processing in the brain, paving the way to early disease diagnosis in the elderly population.

Integration of deep neural networks with the more traditional modeling paradigms such as the partial differential equations is another direction actively pursued by math and physics colleagues. We foresee further growth and consolidation of activities in these fast-developing areas at ICTS, which will undoubtedly contribute to the overall teaching and research excellence at HKBU.

You are always welcome to participate in the ICTS events, and call on us to discuss your ideas for a collaborative effort. Our greatest strengths lie in our partnerships with people here in Hong Kong and internationally.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lei-Han TANG
Director, The Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies
Hong Kong Baptist University