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This event celebrates the launch of Prof Van Hove's new book which aims to popularize physics by emphasizing conceptual ideas of physics and their interconnections, while avoiding mathematics entirely. The topic of this volume, "Colors, Light and Optical Illusions" is chosen as we face colors and light every waking minute of our lives, and we experience optical illusions much more often than we realize.


29 Dec, 2021


2:30 -4:00pm


Multi-purpose room, Level 2, Au Shue Hung Memorial Library, HKBU
Limited to 30 attendees ; Public is welcome to join via Zoom




Prof. Michel A. Van Hove
Emeritus Chair Professor in Physics and Ex-Director,
Department of Physics and ex-director of the Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies, HKBU


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On 22 November 2021, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao University Alliance for Interdisciplinary Computational and Theoretical Sciences (GHMUA-ICTS, 粤港澳高校交叉科学计算与理论专业联盟) organised a one day online and offline forum namely 粤港澳高校交叉科学计算与理论专业联盟2021年青年学者论坛 with 13 speakers respectively from 9 institutions to deliver talks in 2 sessions - 生物与智能复杂系统 and 太赫兹. It attracted over 4,000 views on Koushare.

Some screenshots:

張單可.PNG 张单可
湯迎.PNG 汤迎
黄海平.PNG 黄海平
刘宇.PNG 刘宇
陈守登.PNG 陈守登
王振友.PNG 王振友
陈学权.PNG 陈学权
魏东山.PNG 魏东山
许适溥.PNG 许适溥
郭朋杰.PNG 郭朋杰

Program and abstracts: 日程及报告摘要

Videos: 粤港澳高校交叉科学理论与计算联盟2021年青年论回放

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ICTS organized an “ICTS Get Together Gathering” on 9 November 2021 at Multi-purpose Hall, Room 501, Fong Shu Chuen Library, HKBU. ICTS would like to take this opportunity to invite all young researchers from various departments in the Faculty of Science who are sitting in ICTS to this event to get to know each other, hoping that this close environment and exchange can stimulate some research ideas. In fact there should be many opportunities for scientific discussions, and enhancement of interdisciplinary collaborations, which is what ICTS set out to do. Their project supervisors were invited too to share with us the projects they are working on. The event was a great success and it was agreed that more similar events and gatherings should be held regularly to foster academic exchange and build up networks.

The Dean of the Faculty of Science Prof Jiming LIU is giving a speech The Dean of the Faculty of Science Prof Jiming LIU is giving a speech
Dr Yang LIU Dr Yang LIU
Prof Jiming LIU and Dr Yang LIU’s group Prof Jiming LIU and Dr Yang LIU’s group
Prof Guo VPRD
Prof Changsong ZHOU’s group
Prof William CHEUNG’s group
Dr Liang TIAN’s group
Dr Liang TIAN’s group
Prof Leihan TANG’s group
Dr Liang TIAN’s group
Prof Leihan TANG’s group
Dr Pan-Jun KIM’s group
Dr Pan-Jun KIM’s group
Dr Pan-Jun KIM’s group
Prof Zhongying ZHAO’s group
Prof Zhongying ZHAO’s group
The event was a great success
The event was a great success

ICTS Retreat

31 May 2021

ICTS organized a retreat on 29 May 2021 (Saturday) in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. The retreat targeted the faculty members from the Faculty of Science, Hong Kong Baptist University. We also had the pleasure to invite Prof Yuan Yao from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The focus of the retreat was on streamlining collaboration between experimental and theory groups. The retreat kicked off with a group discussion, using a recent collaborative project on rheumatoid arthritis (RA) as an example. Cellular energy metabolism and its relation to disease development and treatment was also discussed. The departments in the Faculty have accumulated quite a bit of expertise in various areas such as Big data/AI group, but deep collaboration yet needs to be developed. ICTS can serve as a platform to foster such activities and is looking forward to future projects together.

HKBU Faculty of Science 60 th Anniversary Virtual Distinguished Lecture Series

Deciphering Biology: the Systems Perspective of Health and Disease

From 11 May 2021 – 15 June 2021 (Every Tuesday Morning GMT+8 HKT)

Online via Zoom (Meeting IDs are provided below)



Modeling microbial diversity

Professor Ned Wingreen, Princeton University

11 May 2021, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Meeting ID: 922 0299 3171
Past Event Review: Click Here


Quantitative flux analysis of energy metabolism

Dr. Tony Hui, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

18 May 2021, 11:00 a.m. -12:00 n.n.
Meeting ID: 945 6859 0727
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Action of microtubule drugs via systemic immune modulation in cancer and inflammatory disease

Dr. Timothy Mitchison, Harvard Medical School

25 May 2021, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.
Meeting ID: 971 5634 1506
Past Event Review: Click Here


The human microbiome: a new frontier that might just affect everything

Professor George M. Weinstock, The Jackson Laboratory

1 June 2021, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.
Meeting ID: 995 2935 3709
Past Event Review: Click Here


Scaling in development

Professor Chao Tang, Peking University

8 June 2021, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Meeting ID: 978 4106 5623
Past Event Review: Click Here


Visualizing the multi-scale complexity of the brain

Professor Guoqiang Bi, University of Science and Technology of China

15 June 2021, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Meeting ID: 981 8581 9842
Past Event Review: Click Here

Summary of the Distinguished Lecture Series

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed website. Visit us at icts.hkbu.edu.hk. Following a difficult year, COVID-19 has taught us interacting via digital channels is more essential than ever. Our new website will serve as a platform for all in the world to connect with us. Thanks to the Department of Computer Science, we engaged an undergraduate student Ms Cara Ho to finish this makeover with adept guidance from Dr. Martin Choy and Mr. Kenny Cheng. After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch on April 30, 2021.

Not only does the new website give us a platform to communicate our activities lively but also a channel to interact with scholars in and outside Hong Kong for information sharing and collaboration.

Besides, we are also very pleased to announce the new institute logo to convey the ongoing evolution of science in our time.


We hope you all like the new website and logo and would appreciate any feedback!

  • Establishing research grouping in four theme areas under the umbrella of AI, big data and quantitative modelling, each led by a senior member of ICTS, respectively (for details, please refer to the “Four Research Themes” section)
  • Organising workshops, seminars, briefings and brain-storming sessions that target funding opportunities in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, under the afore-mentioned umbrella

Initiated by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sun Yat-sen University and University of Macau, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau University Alliance (粵港澳高校聯盟), was established in November 2016 as a higher education platform which aspires to extend the current efforts of elite universities in promoting academic cooperation in the three regions.

ICTS successfully enrolled as one of the sub-alliances, namely Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao University Alliance for Interdisciplinary Computational and Theoretical Sciences (交叉科學理論與計算專業聯盟), partnered with Sun Yat Sen University and University of Macau. (Chinese version only below)

为提升粤港澳三地交叉科学的合作层次和水平,汇集粤港澳精英大学在交叉科学计算与理论领域的研究力量,促进三地在交叉科学领域的交流协作、资源共建共享, 香港浸会大学、中山大学和澳门大学在粤港澳高校联盟框架下共建粤港澳高校交叉科学计算与理论联盟。


2017年7月国家发改委及粤港澳三地政府联合签署的《深化粤港澳合作推进大湾区建设框架协议》将在大湾区建设国际科技创新中心放在七个发展范畴的首要地位。新型纳米材料、新药物开发、环境治理及智能系统设计等高科技产业的新生长点,需要超出原有的学科框架,大力推动跨学科的知识转化及创新。本联盟创立的目标是提供一个活跃的高水平学术平台,整合并加强目前分布于广东省及香港、澳门各高校在前沿交叉学科的计算、建模和理论研究能力,推动相关理论研究与应用项目的快速发展及国际交流。联盟将支持组建多学科研究团队,将研究工作建立在实验数据、基本物理学规律以及严谨的数学理论方法之上。研究内容将着眼于新的计算方法的开发和介观尺度涌现现象的研究,并在介观系统设计和改造、医疗卫生 、清洁能源以及环境科学等重要的应用领域作出贡献,为大湾区智能材料、医学工程等新兴学科的发展取得制高点。


联盟的主要成员在各自的领域内都已取得了杰出的学术成就。联盟的成立将综合他们的专业特长和研究及管理经验,在中国南方形成一个充满活力、特点鲜明及有国际影响力的科研平台。联盟将着力推动海量数据建模及机制研究等跨学科前沿领域的发展,促成相关国家级重大项目在大湾区落地,包括与能源、生命以及环境相关的纳米材料, 合成生物学和生物工程,大脑研究, 以及疾病的研究和控制等。日常高水平的科研活动及交流合作将为有志于科学的青年学者提供一个优良的学术氛围和成长环境,让他们快速成为未来科学计算及相关领域的学术领袖。


汇集大湾区活跃的交叉科学科研工作者,发挥区域科研架构及人员配备的优势,在开发跨学科研究(特别是基础研究)方面发挥其独特的作用,在确立新的科学问题、研究方向及创新研究等方面作出贡献,探索基础研究与应用研究相结合的新范式,促进科研成果的转化。联盟还将利用粤港澳大湾区中西结合的优势,推动国际合作,持续吸引老中青各个层次的优秀学者, 对本区域、国家乃至世界范围的科学发展作出积极贡献。

  • 合作开发和推动系统化收集、分类以及展现大规模数据组的先进算法和软件,实现多尺度的定量建模与计算;
  • 开展介观涌现现象和原理的前沿研究,分析从细胞到人脑等自控系统的复杂行为,特别关注它们对各类内在和外界信号所呈现的响应;
  • 聚焦大规模计算研究的关键科学问题,研发并实现高性能计算领域中的新算法;
  • 支持数据驱动的应用科学研究, 服务于粤港澳大湾区以及国家的相关需求,特别是在公共医疗卫生、清洁能源、环境科学等领域的需求;
  • 成为科学计算和复杂系统研究的区域性枢纽,协助相关学者交流科研成果,分享学术思想和研究进展,促成合作伙伴及合作网络的建立。


09 Jan 2021

On 27 November 2020, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau University Alliance (GHMUA) organized an opening ceremony for the Young Scholar’s Forum 2020 (粤港澳高校联盟2020年青年学者论坛开幕式). We Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao University Alliance for Interdisciplinary Computational and Theoretical Sciences (交叉科学理论与计算专业联盟) then on 27-28 Nov organised a 1.5-day online and offline forum with 20 speakers respectively from 12 institutions to deliver talks in related topics, attracting over 3,000 views on Koushare.

Prof Guo VPRD
Prof. Guo Yike, Vice-President (Research & Development)
Prof Zhou Changsong
Dr Jade Shi
Dr Jade Shi
Dr Tian Liang

Pamphlet for the forum: 交叉科学理论与计算专业联盟分论坛会议手册

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日期: 2018年1月8–14日

2018年1月8–14日舉行的“深度學習神經網絡研討會”回顧了深層神經網絡結構和設計的最新進展,以及在量子多體波函數表徵,自學習Monte Carlo算法設計以及自然語言和生物數據分析等方面的應用。

event event

香港浸會大學訪問團訪問北京計算科學研究中心 (CSRC)






The Department of Physics and the Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies at HKBU brought Prof J. Michael Kosterlitz, the 2016 Physics Nobel Laureate to campus to present his scientific breakthroughs and research insights on 16 Jan 2017. The Department arranged a wide range of activities on the day, including a gathering with HKBU students and a Public Lecture by Prof Kosterlitz.

During the visit, Prof Kosterlitz met many faculty members and young researchers at HKBU. Students were excited to be with the inspirational physicist who shared his road to success and his feelings of receiving the Nobel Prize.

At the Public Lecture, Prof Rick Wong, Vice-President (Research & Development) of HKBU delivered an opening remark and expressed our sincere gratitude to Prof Kosterlitz. Prof Kosterlitz spoke on the topic “Topological Defects and Phase Transitions” and shared how he and Prof David Thouless, co-recipient of the 2016 Physics Nobel Prize, discovered the KT theory of transitions driven by topological defects in the two-dimensional world. The lecture attracted an audience of more than 250, including students and staff from local universities and high schools. Prof Roland Chin, President and Vice Chancellor of HKBU, presented a souvenir to Prof Kosterlitz at the end of his lecture and a bottle of wine on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the University.

Prof Michel Van Hove, Head of the Physics Department, announced reinstitution of the Undergraduate Physics Program at HKBU during introduction of the speaker, and thanked Prof Kosterlitz for his visit during this critical juncture of the Department.

浸會大學物理系和计算及理论研究所於2017年1月16日舉行傑出學人講座,2016年諾貝爾物理學獎得主Prof J. Michael Kosterlitz應邀以「Topological Defects and Phase Transitions」為題,分享他的得獎研究和學術旅程,吸引了數百名學者、學生、校友及公眾人士出席。

Prof Kosterlitz介紹了他和Prof David Thouless如何運用拓撲缺陷這一抽象的數學概念來討論低維繫統的序和相變,解決了1970 年代困惑理論物理界的一個難題。理論進一步促進了奇異的宏觀量子現象的發現,讓世界對全新的物質展開全面探索。他亦寄語大家向不同的基礎研究和科研領域發展,發掘更多可能性。

Prof Kosterlitz亦於當天與理學院研究生會面,交流研究心得和得獎感受。 教授分享了他成為著名科學家的點滴,啟發學生培養對科研的熱情和憧憬,不盲目跟隨主流,學生反應熱烈,獲益甚廣。再次感謝教授到訪!


Prof Kosterlitz meets the Research Postgraduate Students at Science Faculty.
Prof Kosterlitz與理學院研究生會面交流。


More than 250 people including alumni, students and staff from local Universities and Secondary Schools attend the talk.


Prof Kosterlitz speaks on the topic “Topological Defects and Phase Transitions”.
Prof Kosterlitz應邀以「Topological Defects and Phase Transitions」為題演講。


President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Roland Chin presents souvenir to Prof Kosterlitz.President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Roland Chin presents souvenir to Prof Kosterlitz.
錢大康校長向Prof Kosterlitz致送紀念品。

Reference: https://physics.hkbu.edu.hk/news/distinguished-lecture-by-2016-physics-nobel-laureate-prof-kosterlitz